Live Performances at ArtTech Fusion 2023

ArtTech Fusion is the Leading Media Arts Festival in Vietnam held in the vibrant cultural city of HoChi  Minh and organized by the School of Media Design of the University of Economics of Ho Chi Minh (UEH). The Festival is an International integrated platform connecting local and international universities, industries, authorities, and communities to develop ArtTech Fusion. During the Festival Media Artists presented work in the form of lectures, installations, and Performances. On 14 October 2023, Alvaro Barbosa Performed an original piece based on his collection of NFTs and performed with the Vietnamese visual artist Kyunri Vien, and Tung Crazy Monkey, combining real-time graphics music, and Dance during the performances.



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The ASEACCU conference 2023 was held at Saint Louis University in Baguio, Philippines under the topic of Environmental Sustainability gathering around 500 students and Faculty members of universities from 9 different South and East Asian Countries. For the Closing ceremony, we came back to Antarctica for a performance of some parts from the 2012 Journey to the Last Frontier, this time performed by the Students from the Saint Louis University Concert Orchestra.



Exhibition of 12 NFTs on Gallery Venue in Macao. The series Floating Taikonauts is inspired by the Space walks performed by Chinese Taikonauts outside the Tiangong Space Station, particularly having in mind the first Chinese Female Taikonaut to perform a Space Walk – Wang Yaping. The artwork features a Taikonaut floating over several futuristic architectural structures from Iconic Cities in Mainland China, as a symbol of China’s incredible achievements in space exploration featured in the sky for the enjoyment of citizens in these cities. See also Press Article at Macao News.



Workshop in May 2021 and Supervision of Artists in Residence in August 2021, for the Sound art Exhibition Invisible Sopunds at PLAN8T in Changsha, Hunan – China. After the official release of the 2021 Summer Artist-In-Residence Program “The invisible sound”, artists from more than ten different countries have applied for the program, and finally determined ten groups of artists individuals/teams participate in the program. The final Exhibition hosted 10 artworks showing different narrative on sounds, exploring a wide range of topics from living environment and cultural norms, humanistic demands and technological development, individuals vs. communities, obstacles of worldwide communication, and the impact of human facilities on coexisting species to the practice of sound visualization.


REFRAMED at ZKM | Center for Media and Technology, Karlsruhe, Germany

Audiovisual Performance including Original Music form Álvaro Barbosa, Paulo Ferreira-Lopes and Video by Carlos Caires.


This concert features music pieces selected and composed by Barbosa, and played jointly by local musicians and the Hong Kong New Music Ensemble. They will perform original electronic compositions with a musical instruments designed by the interactive sound device (the Radial Wind Chimes) invented and patented by Barbosa. Footage and sounds recorded on the Antarctic Peninsula will also be played during this performance, transporting the audience to the majestic nature of the Antarctic Peninsula.


Macau Arts Festiva Poster (Teatro D. Pedro V, 21 & 22 of May 2016).


Perfomance at “Cankarjev Dom” in Ljubljana, Slovenia (9 of October 2016).


Macau Reframed: The City, Its People and their Trace

Audiovisual Installation at Shenzhen & Hong Kong Bi-City Biennale of Urbanism/Architecture (SZHKB): Reliving the City – 6th Edition. A Collaboration with Architect Nuno Soares.

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Jorney to The Last Frontier (Photography Book)


Book Launch at “Fundação Rui Cunha” in Macau. This Photography Book is the result from an Artistic expedition to the Antarctic Continent in January 2012, undertaken by the Álvaro Barbosa and Victor Gama. The expedition lasted for 10 days in the former oceanographic boat from the 1970’s “The Ushuaia”, going to different sites in the Antarctica Peninsula, namely the Nelson Straight, Brown Bluff, Cierva Cove, Danco Island, the Lemaire Straight, Port Lockroy, Hanna Point and the mysterious Deception Island. During this expedition, Álvaro Barbosa worked together with Victor Gama collecting video and audio recordings that were used in the musical piece “VELA 691” by Gama, premiered in Chicago in 2012. Same year, both Gama and Barbosa composed and performed “Journey to the Last Frontier” and brought its first appearance at the opening of the Black & White Festival in Porto-Portugal. In 2013, Barbosa collaborated with the Hong Kong New Music Ensemble and had its Asia premier at the Hong Kong Art Center. In addition to the video and Audio, Álvaro Barbosa collected a selection of Photographs that now result in this Book.



DRIFTING ICE: Contemplating Antarctican Icebergs

Photography Exhibition at “Creative Macau”. A series of Photographs that portrays the lifecycle of Icebergs, during a period that can last from three to six years. In their origin, they break apart from the Ice at the mainland Antarctica continent and eventually melt away in the salt water of the ocean. During their life, Antarctican Icebergs drift around their continent pushed by the tides, until they fade into the wild ocean or get caught in one of the many coves that traps the floating ice in cemeteries of Icebergs.


Macau Morphologies Pavilion

Sound Installation at Shenzhen & Hong Kong Bi-City Biennale of Urbanism/Architecture (SZHKB): The Value Factory and the Urban Border 2013 – 5th Edition. A Collaboration with Architect Nuno Soares.

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Journey to the Last Frontiers

This project is an artistic collaboration between Álvaro Barbosa and the Hong Kong New Music Ensemble (HKNME), featuring works from the Italian composer Giacinto Scelsi, the Angolan composer and instrument designer Victor Gama, and the Artistic Director of the HKNME, William Lane. The concert is performed by the HKNME, coupled with live electronics and the interactive sound device (Radial Wind Chimes). The immersive video projection is based on footage recorded on an Antarctic expedition by Álvaro Barbosa in 2012; and Kham (Western Sichuan/ Eastern Tibet) by William Lane in 2013, retracing echoes of the King Gesar oral tradition, the world’s longest and last living epic on the Tibetan plateau.

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Performed Live with HNME at Agnès b.CINEMA, Hong Kong Art Center – 18.Jul.2013


Journey to the Last Frontier

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Journey to the Last Frontier (J2TLF) is a Multimedia Piece related to the Vela 6911 incident that inspired an artistic project by the Angolan musician, composer and instrument designer Victor Gama. Vela 6911 was originally produced as an invitation by the Chicago Symphony Orchestra and premiered on the 5th of March 2012 at Harris Theater in the city of Chicago. For the creation of this piece, Victor Gama and Álvaro Barbosa engaged in an expedition to Antarctica, capturing magnificent video and audio material. J2TLF is based on this experience and results in a 20 minute Multimedia Piece, produced specifically for the opening of the Black & White Festival 2012, featuring Victor Gama performing on his instruments Acrux, Toha and Dino and Álvaro Barbosa performing with live electronics and on a Radial String Chimes. The video is based on footage recorded at the Antarctic Peninsula and presents the journey of an Antarctic Penguin and Human Explorers, converging at the last wild frontier of our planet – The Antarctic continent.


The Railway Keeper

Still today, when I can’t sleep and I hear trains in the silence of the night, I imagine the railway keeper’s house floating forever next to the railway, with my friend Carlos sleeping peacefully in his bed, next to those noisy iron machines…. Machines that feel to me more like monsters with the power to rip everything that falls in its path to pieces.”
[ A Computer Animation Short Film Directed by Álvaro Barbosa- ]


“The Railway Keeper Initial 3D Concepts”


TEDx Talk

Presentation at TEDx Covilhã on recent work related with Networked Music Performance (14-May-2011).

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Live Set at Galerija Kapelica

This is a video from a 15 minutes Improvise Live Set by Álvaro Barbosa at Galerija Kapelica in Ljubljana, Slovenia During The EARZOM Festival 2010 The Sound performance included Real time Processing of sound Generated by the Radial String Chimes Instrument and generative sound sequences manipulated from an IPad and an Ipod Touch. Most of the IPad patches were performed with the Software ReactTable Mobile (released 3 days before this Performance on October 5 – 2010).


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Radial String Chimes


Radial String Chimes is Sound Art Installation developed at CCRMA – Stanford University. It consists of an entirely analog device that generates musical sounds triggered by the wind and the collision of very light straws plucking strings which resonate on a piezo sensor. The piece was installed at CCRMA (the Knoll Building at Stanford University) on the 9th of July 2010.




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Pulsing Heart

Pulsing Heart is an interactive installation project that was commissioned to Sofia Thenaisie, Renato Branco, Álvaro Barbosa and Luis Gustavo Martins by Porto’s Casa da Musica in order to commemorate it’s 5th Anniversary. The project consisted in an interactive system that measured real time heart pulses from visitors and mapped it in a periodic red light that covered the entire Casa da Musica from the outside to the inside. The closing of the project was hosted in Casa da Musica’s hallways with a live electronic performance that mapped it’s musical outcome into pulses of light that spanned throughout the building. The following Video presents this concert, performed on April 14th of 2010.

Videos are devided in Part #01 and #02:

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Pulsing Heart Concert (14.April.2010) Sofia Thenaisie, Renato Branco (Concept and Light Design); Álvaro Barbosa, Luis Gustavo Martins, João Cordeiro, Nicolas Makelberge, Íris Gonçalves (Sound and Music Design).


O Trovão

An old Portuguese legend says that silverware attracts the strike of a thunder bringing out something evil trough the mirrors of our houses. In our story an old man living in a small town just bought one of the first television sets ever produced. He believes in progress and refuses to accept old superstitions. On the contrary, His wife and granddaughter believe that legends and superstitions are part of nature and exist for a reason. Are there still monsters in the era of Television?
[ A Computer Animation Short Film Directed by Álvaro Barbosa – IGAC Registration #: 1680/2009]



2009 – BIFF-LA 2009 – Broadway International Film Festival – Los Angeles, US
2009 – 12 Horas no Coração da Baixa – Porto, Portugal
2009 – Cineclube – Cinema Venepor – Maia, Portugal
2009 – Mostra-me: O Outro Lado do Cinema – Lisboa, Portugal
2009 – Cineclube Komba Kanema – Maputo, Moçambique
2009 – RTV: REC – Portugal
2009 – Kota 2023 Film Festival – República da Macedónia
2009 – Naoussa International Film Festival – Greece
2009 – Screening Som e Imagem: Casa Viva – Porto, Portugal
2009 – Cinejazz na Queima das Fitas – Porto, Portugal
2009 – International Short Film Festival Detmold – Germany
2009 – Kimera Film Festival– Termoli, Itália
2009 – Extensão ANIMATU – Festival de Cinema de Animação Digital– Portalegre, Portugal
2009 – Casa da Animação – Mostra Fantasporto 2009 – Porto , Portugal
2009 – Fantasporto 2009 – Festival Internacional de Cinema do Porto
2009 – Casa da Animação – Mostra de Filmes de Animação Portugueses – Porto , Portugal
2008 – Les e-magiciens – Les Reencontres Européennes de la Jeune Création Numérique – França
2008 – ANIMATU – Festival de Cinema de Animação Digital, Beja, Portugal
2008 – Festival Cinanima 2008 – Espinho, Portugal


Improvisations with Public Sound Objects

This video was produced in september 2007 as a result of a performance during the general rehearsal of the PSOs Installation commissioned by Casa da Musica. The setup consisted of 5 client instances of PSOs which controlled a Discklaveir Piano and a MIDI Sampler.

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Laptop-NonStop Concert

Improvised Laptop Music concert, performed as part of the HipChips Festival organized by the EMF. The Porto School of Arts session featured: Álvaro Barbosa, Carlos Santos, Carlos “Zingaro”, João Cruz, Miguel Carvalhais, Pedro Almeida, Pedro Tudela e Vítor Joaquim

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1st Set at Porto School of the Arts: Improvised Laptop Music by Carlos Zingaro, Vitor Joaquim and Alvaro Barbosa
Real-Time Video by: Extra Info @ Crónica Electronica


ShapeShifter 2

A ShapeShifter is an Archetype which can define the psychological profile of a character in fictional story telling. A life form that shifts his shape also recalls for the Science Fiction Realm.
This Piece consist of a Video created by the Artist Carlos Caires, which thoroughly ilustrates an experimental Compouter Music Piece composed by Álvaro Barbosa. The Musical piece has four layers of sound which were registered from real-time performances generated with PeerSynth, Pure-Data and the PSO Sound Engine . Further editing and Syntheses (FM, Granular and Additive) was used to accomplish the final piece. The video image establishes a relationship between visual genres in whish the image mutation always embraces the music rhythm.

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Andar com as Próprias Pernas

Production of the Series and Main Theme Music for a documentary.

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Hard Head Drivers

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Collaboration with the Artist Jorge Abade by realizing the sonic design of this experimental video art piece. The resulting Video was applied in an installation which was built around a sculpture of an Iron Club and the violent universe it portraits



(bas’ment) n. [`base1 + -ment] 1 The foundation or lower part of a wall or structure 2 The lowest story of a building, below the main floor and wholly or partly below the surface of the ground 3 Rock band from Porto that plays Loud and Lethal Music.


Featured Albuns and Singles:
Full Clip (Fonomusic Records 2002)
Random (Independent Records 2001)
Enslaved 4 the Nation – Single (Independent Records 1997)
Surfing Pig – Single (Independent Records 1995)

Featured Albuns and Singles:
Random (Independent Records 1997) – 290.BAS.10020
Where can You Go? (Independent Records 2000) – 290.BAS.14784
100 % Antena 3 ( Musica Alternativa, 1996) – 290.CEM.07864
Prómusica (Revista Prómusica 1997) – 290.PRO.08757/X
Pesadelo cor de rosa (Sony P, 1998) – 590.PES.13134
Rock sound : vol. 7 (Revista Rock Sound, 2003) – 200.ROC.17936/X
Rock sound : vol. 12 (Revista Rock Sound, 2003) – 200.ROC.18608/X

Basement Albuns at “Rate Your Music”
Basement at “A a Z do Metal Portugês”
Basement at “Under Review: A Guide ro some urban music in Portugal”

Solar Blues Command [28.3 MB, mov] FulL.cliP, 2004 [CD WM]
Rejected [22.8 MB, mov] Enslaved for the Nation n’ Burning in Gasoline , 2001 [CDS IR]
Random [37.6 MB, mov] Random, 1999 [CD IR]


Bouncing Ball Skin

Interface prototype developed in Flash of a Bouncing Ball Skin for the Public Sound Objects Project – A Shared Sonic Space on the Web.


Compression | Decompression

In December 1999, the Curators of the Jubileu 2000 Project commissioned to Álvaro Barbosa the realization of a 15 minutes Electroacoustic Music Piece to be integrated as soundtrack of the Jubileu 2000 Multimedia Exhibition held at the Alfândega do Porto Building form June to September 2000.The piece conveys the notion of a cyclic soundscape which compresses and decompresses its sonic density trough clouds of sound grains sculpted over real world and computer generated sounds.

  • Grains from a bellow (5’48”) [mp3 file: 4,65 MBytes]
  •  Emmersive youth (4’35”) [mp3 file: 3,67 MBytes]
  •  Electric storm (4’15”) [mp3 file: 3,41 MBytes]

Basement Live & Interactive

Initially developed in the fall of 1999 the Basement Live & Interactive CD-Rom was published in September 2000 with the CD-Single ‘Where can you go?’ by the label Independent Records.s.


Jubileu 2000

Interactive CD-Rom, commissioned by the organizing committee of the multimedia exhibition “Jubileu 2000” held in Edifício da Alfândega – Porto, from June to September 2000.


Trouble Gener@tor

Piece created in the CREATE studios. This piece was later adapted to be included in the Basement’s 1998 – “RANDOM”.
Part #1, #2 – mp3 file: 1,04 MBytes

Trouble Gener@ator (1’17”)


J. R. R. Tolkien interactive encyclopedia CD-Rom


3D animation Short-film”Man Bites Dog”


Cutty Sark Promotional CD-Rom


Portuguese Navigators Interactive encyclopedia CD-Rom


Early Web-Sites

First web site for the Fantasporto international film festival; web site for the Radio Xfm; first directory of Portuguese Bands in the web Alternative Music Site (hosted by UA and RUM). These web-sites are probably not on-line anymore.